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About Pluto & Ally

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In October 2015 we lost our gorgeous greyhound Lilly to cancer. It was devastating. The week between her diagnosis and her gaining her wings was a week of education. We read as many articles, lecture notes and nutritional documents as possible, hoping there was some magical cure but what we realised was there was so much wrong with her diet but we didn’t even know.
We sadly lost her before we were able to try and save her.
When Ally came along in 2015 we wanted to make sure we got it right. We wanted to know she was eating the right foods and living the best life possible. The gorgeous Pluto came to live with us in December 2017 after finding himself in a desperate situation. He was grossly underweight and we knew we needed to get weight on him.
Between April and June, Pluto was diagnosed with severe mitral valve disease, tricuspid valve disease, severe Ventricular Tachycardia, autoimmune meningitis and hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. Only 3 years old and a plethora of medical issues! Suddenly his diet was not only to keep him healthy, it was about keeping him alive. He began to be sick on anything we fed him and out of ideas, we took him to see a nutritionist who put him (and Ally) on an eating plan and soon he began to flourish. 
We were told to keep him on a low sodium, low fat and low protein diet. We started reading the labels on commercial treats and realised most of them contained high levels of preservatives, artificial flavours and very little nutritional benefits. 
We wanted to make sure Ally and Pluto had the best possible diet and it only made sense to give them treats that complemented this change. We saw a massive gap in the market and began making our own treats and meals to guarantee healthy, low sodium goodness!
This is how Pluto & Ally Treatery was created. Pluto & Ally Treatery came about when we realised there had to be more options available! All our treats MUST be Pluto and Ally approved and free from wheat fillers, preservatives and other nasties!